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Advocacy & Engagement

RehabCare is committed to supporting people who attend its services to play a role in decision-making about their service.

People are supported to play their part through a range of advocacy and engagement initiatives with the support of the advocacy team.

Advocacy and engagement initiatives include focus groups, regular meetings with staff and managers and an annual satisfaction survey, as well as the National RehabCare Advocacy Committee. These initiatives are in place to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to have their say about the service that they attend.


The National RehabCare Advocacy Council  

The National RehabCare Advocacy Council or NRAC is for people who attend RehabCare services to give them an opportunity to voice their opinions on issues that matter. It makes sure that people who attend the services can take part in decision-making at all levels of the organisation. NRAC is fully supported by RehabCare and meets regulary with management at all levels of the organisation.

What does NRAC do?

• NRAC meets at local, regional and national level to discuss and take action on things that come up in services. They also talk about things that are important to people with disabilities in general
• NRAC has committees in services throughout RehabCare and also has a national committee which is elected by all the members of NRAC
• At meetings NRAC members come up with ideas about how to improve things for the better
• NRAC regularly meets with staff, management and the RehabCare Board to talk about services. 

NRAC’s values

• Teamwork
• Trust
• Representation
• Access for All
• Equality


NRAC Committee 2015 - 2017 

Front Row (left to right): Judy Clarke (vice-secretary), Siobhan Maloney (reserve member), Marie Keating, Majella Hughes, Shane Laughlin, Francis Ducie (vice-chairperson)

Back Row (left to right): Laura Keane, Kitty Tumelty, Marion Coneely, Michael O'Brien (chairperson), Denis Baker (secretary)









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