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Service User Pathway

service user pathway

Stages of our Service User Pathway


During the referral process we learn together about a person’s attributes and support needs.


Support Plan Stage

During the support plan we will meet with the individual and look at enhancing their life and how they can be supported on the areas they choose.


Person Centre Planning and/or Recovery

During the person-centred planning process we support the individual in planning a better  future and this often involves other people who have an active role in an individual’s life. It specifies outcomes that are uniquely important to the individual.


Action Plan 

During the action planning process we ensure that all actions from the support plan and person-centre planning processes are recorded, monitored and reviewed to ensure that outcomes happen.



The action plan tells us what programmes and activities meet your needs and your interests.


Review/Outcome measures

We review each individual’s action plans on a regular basis and monitor outcomes, record progress and make changes as required.


Leaving Our Service

If an individual feels they are ready to exit the service they can do so at anytime.

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