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Video Gallery

Learn more about RehabCare by watching the videos below

About RehabCare

A 3 minute video showing RehabCare's services with interviews who some of the people who use our services.

Therese's story of RehabCare Supported Accomodation

Therese's shares her experience of using RehabCare's Supported Accomodation

Linda's story of RehabCare's children's respite service

Linda's shares her son's experinces of RehabCare's children's respite service

Brandon's Story

Brandon shares his experience of his use RehabCare services

Tom's Story

Tom shares his experiences of RehabCare

Dolores's Story

Dolores shares her experience of RehabCare and her new job

This is Our Park House

A video by the people who attend RehabCare's Park House facility on what Park House means to them. Park House in Stillorgan Co Dublin provides day services to people with disabilities.

The Best Thing RehabCare Services - The Users' Perspective

The people who access RehabCare services on what the best thing is about their service.

In the Future I Want to...RehabCare

What the people who access RehabCare services want to do in the future.

What Supports Can RehabCare Give to People?

What supports can rehabCare give to the pople who uses it's services, in order to help them to achieve their goals?

RehabCare's Web-based Planning Tool - iPlanit

RehabCare's web-based planning tool, iPlanit, helps people who use our services to achieve their goals. RehabCare in Waterford talk about implementing iPlanit in their service.

Keith Whelan's Story - How iPlanit helped him to achieve his goals

Keith Whelan from RehabCare in Waterford talks about using the iPlanit tool to help him to achieve his goals.

Meet The People We Support

  • Meet Amy Lynch
    Like everybody, I used to worry that things wouldn’t go as planned. Coming to the centre makes me feel good. I learned a lot about myself and disability – but more so about my own ability. ...
    Amy Lynch -
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  • Meet Lisa Boylan
    I’ve so many friends here, it’s such a good community of people. ...
    Lisa Boylan -
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  • Meet Colm Coogan
    Before coming to the centre I was a bit shy. Some days I kept to myself, but now I’m more social and I like to have a good laugh. ...
    Colm Coogan -
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  • Meet Anne Coyle
    Some people only see the disability, but I am a mother and grandmother. I was very active and used to play a lot of golf before having a brain haemorrhage. I found I lost my independence. ...
    Anne Coyle -
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  • Veronica McConnell
    I love my home. My bedroom is at the back of the house and I really like it because it’s lovely and quiet. ...
    Veronica McConnell - Leitrim
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