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Ballyfermot Locals Take Part in Job Shadow Day

27/04/2015 Ballyfermot Locals Take Part in Job Shadow Day

Service user’s from the RehabCare Resource Centre in Ballyfermot joined the Irish Association of Supported Employment’s recent Job Shadow Day (22nd April) initiative and became involved in shadowing workers from different organisations to get a taste of working in the professional workplace.

Ann McGee had a great time when she joined the boys in blue at Ballyfermot Garda Station. Four others went to the Department of Social Protection on Store Street and worked in various parts of the building, carrying out different duties. David Donnelly who worked in the Social Inclusion Division said “I was emailing for the very first time and filing, as well as shredding and I attended a presentation for the organisation. I really enjoyed the day, I found it very interesting and it meant a lot to me. They asked if I would work there again next year for the Job Shadow day and I said yes, I now know everything they do in the social inclusion sector, it is much more than just an office job”.

Sheila O’ Connell who worked in the mail room said, “The people I worked with were very nice, I found the day to be so interesting. I opened all the mail sent to the building and I also entered letters into a machine, the machine stamped all of the envelopes and then we sorted them out into what areas they are being posted too. I had a fantastic day”.

Meanwhile Terri O’Neill and Patricia O’Reilly got the chance to work to work in the main offices. Terri said, “It was a fantastic day and my second year working there as part of the Job Shadow day, the staff were glad to see me back and we had a great catch up. We were given a tour of the building and also told what each staff member was doing, what their role is and the daily duties they carry out. We were shown a room where the previous Minister for Social Protection Joan Burton used to sit and we got photos there”.  Patricia said “I was very nervous at the start of the day but the girls there were so nice that I relaxed very soon afterwards. We did lots of things like getting to understand the filing system, seeing the library, and we saw the admin work that they do.”

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