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Hell & Back!

27/02/2015 Hell & Back!

Staff from RehabCare in Bray and Park House, as well as some friends and family members took on the Hell & Back 10K challenge in the Kilruddery Estate in Bray, raising over €1000 for both services. With the Star Wars tune in the background they all went down on one knee, holding up one hand as a 'H' sign, and took the Hell and Back pledge to not leave anybody behind, to help each other through and to beat the course; because winners never quit and quitters never win! The clue is in the name and it was not for the faint hearted. Obstacles included a series of steep mud pits, crawling through darkened tunnels, getting shot at with pellets, crawling on their backs up-hill under netting, carrying logs, being squeezed through tyres, trudging their way through muddy ponds and swamps, climbing the infamous 'Ten Foot Tessie', and crawling through electrically charged wires!

It took a while for the tired and bruised bodies to recover but it was a fantastic achievement that everyone completed the challenge!

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