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Park House Wins Green Award

21/05/2015 Park House Wins Green Award

Green is Bronze for RehabCare’s Park House in Stillorgan which has been awarded a bronze Sustainability Award from ECO-UNESCO for leading the way in caring for the environment! RehabCare provides services to 49 people with physical and sensory disabilities in Park House, Stillorgan Grove and all of the people who use the service, along with staff were involved with the environmental projects which led to the award. The ECO-UNESCO award which rewards recognises and encourages organisations working towards sustainability was presented to The RehabCare services users and staff at a ceremony in the Mansion House in Dublin on Monday.

Shelagh McCann, Programmes Facilitator, RehabCare’s Park House explains the process that led to the award, “We started off with a brainstorming session so that everyone in the centre could put forward their ideas on how we could be more environmentally friendly and sustainable in our centre.  From this we began work on projects such as composting, creating a vegetable garden, restoring furniture, well-being/health awareness activities, biodiversity projects, waste management, and restoring garden features. We also fundraised to purchase items such as garden supplies, a water butt and resources to complete our projects.

Anne Johnson, Manager, RehabCare’s Park House, said, “Everybody from the two services we run here in the centre got involved. The students from National Learning Network’s horticulture course, who we share our grounds with also helped us. We are really proud of this award. Everybody got on board with the different projects and worked really hard over the year. This isn’t just a one-off thing, everyone is now really environmentally aware and they are passing the message onto family and friends to live greener!”

Many of the courses run in Park House are socially-orientated, such as photography, art and crafts and gardening. Park House also operates a physiotherapy clinic for its clients. In addition to this, Park House has a service for young school leavers with physical and sensory disabilities known as ‘New Horizons’ which aims to bridge the gap between school and adult services for young people.

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