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RehabCare host European Platform for Rehabilitation Annual Conference in Dublin

13/06/2013 RehabCare host European Platform for Rehabilitation Annual Conference in Dublin

The European Platform for Rehabilitation (EPR) Annual Conference, hosted by RehabCare, opens in Dublin today focusing on the value of innovation in the provision of services to people with disabilities. The two day event will gather together the leading European providers of services to people with disabilities and other disadvantaged groups.
While innovation has always been a fundamental driver in the disability sector, the global economic climate has meant that resources have either been reduced or are in danger of being discontinued. Europe’s 80 million people with disabilities are at serious risk of poverty, social exclusion and discrimination as a result of austerity measures, which could result in increased numbers of people with disabilities losing access to fundamental services.

This has required disability service providers to review the core delivery principles of their approaches to supporting people with disabilities and to become more resourceful in creating programmes to help people with disabilities to fulfil their potential.

The EPR conference will address the response from the disability sector to these challenges and will uncover the new culture of service delivery that is emerging. ‘Value for money’ is a phrase that is common place in times of austerity, but the ability to deliver quality through innovation on a reduced budget is a new mantra for disability service providers. Effective resource allocation, enhancement of disability services, international cooperation and the design of disability services of the future are just some of the examples of innovation that will be showcased and discussed at the conference by some of the leading organisations, experts in healthcare policy and disability service providers.

Angela Kerins, 2013 President of the European Platform for Rehabilitation and Chief Executive of the Rehab Group said: “On behalf the EPR and on behalf of the Rehab Group, I am delighted that this, the 20th Anniversary Conference, of the European Platform for Rehabilitation is taking place here in Dublin. This represents two decades of innovation, collaboration and an unrelenting focus on quality service delivery for people with disabilities. The founders of the EPR, leaders of the great rehabilitation organisations of Europe, provided us all with a firm foundation to build upon and 20 years later we acknowledge their entrepreneurial spirit and pioneering mindset. As a network of leading disability organisations, we have consistently led the way by demonstrating how creativity and innovation can significantly improve the quality of life and outcomes for the people with disabilities that we serve. Through our work, we have all witnessed the impact of austerity on people’s lives. We all know that services, built around the individual needs, and underpinned by a culture of innovation, creativity and flexibility, can support people to live in their own community, regardless of the severity of their disability. The member organisations of the EPR need to continue to push out our boundaries, to ensure we consistently offer quality services and value for money, and that we seek out innovative and creative solutions. In doing this we want to ensure that our outcomes are demonstrable, measurable and progressive.”

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