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RehabCare Tullamore Go Green!

31/03/2015 RehabCare Tullamore Go Green!

RehabCare celebrated the raising of their green flag for litter and waste recently in Tanyard, Tullamore. The event was well attended by families and the general public. Both of RehabCare’s Resource Centres in Tullamore have achieved the prestigious International Environmental Certificate and are the first health and social care services in the Offaly area to do so.

Green Schools is an international education programme co-ordinated by the Foundation for Environmental Education, (FEE) and in Ireland the project is operated in partnership with Local Authorities, an Taisce, the schools and services. The programme was introduced to Ireland in 1997 and is operating in 48 other countries.

Speaking at the event Marie Hensey, Community Services Manager in RehabCare Tullamore, gave an overview of the steps involved in the Green Schools programme and the actions each service undertook in order to be successful in this endeavour. “People in our services were involved in litter picking in the local community, preparing only the amount of food that will be eaten at any given meal, composting and using it as garden fertiliser to grow own vegetables, double sided photocopying, waste free days where everyone endeavours to produce the least amount of waste possible, using shredded paper as animal bedding, ink cartridge recycling, up cycling furniture and reusing glass, tiles, paper etc for art and craft projects.”

Marie went on to say, “While this programme was originally aimed at schools, small businesses and households can play their part and make a difference to the amount of waste produced by making small changes, for example, by being mindful when shopping and purchasing food with the least amount of packaging. Small changes can make a big difference to our environment. I’d like to praise the dedication of both of the committees in our services and thank Councillor, Tommy McKeigue for his support and assistance. I’d also like to thank Orla Fogarty and Caroline Clancy, Offaly County Council, Environmental Officers, for their support and guidance throughout the process.”

Councillor McKeigue congratulated both services on their hard work. “RehabCare has contributed in no small way to the success of Tullamore Tidy Towns being awarded the Gold Medal Regional Award. Year on year, RehabCare has added to their spectacular garden and building and have won many awards as a result of this. I’d like to commend the people present on volunteering with their local tidy towns.”

Orla Fogarty, Environmental Officer, Offaly County Council, congratulated both services on their achievements and commended all present on the amount of hard work that has gone into this achievement. “I’d like to wish everyone well on their journey to attain their next International Environmental Certificate which is for Energy and which the services are currently working towards.”

John Hogan, country singer was also in attendance on the day to entertain the crowd throughout the afternoon which added greatly to the party atmosphere and the celebrations.

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