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RehabCare Wins National Irish Safety Award

23/10/2013 RehabCare Wins National Irish Safety Award

RehabCare has won a prestigious award at the National Irish Safety Organisation Awards for 2013.Run in conjunction with the Northern Ireland Safety Group, the all Ireland competition recognises best practice in how organisations manage health and safety in the work environment.

The awards are divided into industry sectors, with a wide range of national organisations and multinational companies all competing to receive an award. RehabCare were voted winners of the Voluntary, Social and Community Award and were recipients of a National Irish Safety Organisation accolade alongside other well known category winning companies including GE Healthcare, Pfizer and Eirgrid.

RehabCare was established in 1995 and now supports more than 3,000 people throughout Ireland every year. RehabCare employs over 1,000 staff who provide a wide variety of responsive health and social care services to people of all ages and from all walks of life. Services range from resource centre activities to support provided to individuals within their own homes. Those who use our services include people with disabilities, children and older people. Choice, quality and personalised services are the cornerstones of RehabCare and we pride ourselves on the flexibility of our activities, which are all designed to meet the individual wishes and requirements of each person who accesses our services.

Health & Safety Manager for RehabCare, Yvonne Fallon, feels that winning a NISO Award is recognition of the importance that the company and the overall Rehab organisation places on its systems and levels of care: “The health and social care sector demands high standards at every level of practice, none more so than in the area of general health and safety. This recognition is incredibly important for RehabCare and we are delighted to be accepting this award,” she said. “The systems that are in place are managed to a robust operational standard, something that we are constantly looking to develop every year and at every level, whether this be in our centres where we provide our services or in the training of our staff.While our policies and protocols are carefully monitored, it is the staff and our clients that put them into practice. The fact that they do this so well is an illustration of the professionalism and dedication they have for the work of RehabCare and people with disabilities.”

Laura Keane, Director of Health and Social Care Services, Rehab Group said: 'To have RehabCare named alongside such well established and respected organisations that have received awards is particularly pleasing and further enhances the reputation of the company. This award is an indication of the levels of care that are in place to ensure that a positive and safe work environment exists for our staff, and by extension to that, the people who use our services.'

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