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Shannon Resource Centre Celebrate International Day of People with Disabilities!

20/12/2013 Shannon Resource Centre Celebrate International Day of People with Disabilities!

The theme for International Day of People with Disabilities (3 December) was to ‘break barriers, open doors: for an inclusive society and development for all. And that’s exactly what RehabCare Resource Centre in Shannon, County Clare did when it opened its doors for a drama production and coffee morning to mark the day! Family and friends of those who use the service enjoyed a morning of tea, coffee, cakes and tasty treats with entertainment from service users who decided to mark the day by putting on a drama production, the main theme being ‘Clare Hurlers return with Sam!’.

International Day of Disabilities, which is celebrated worldwide, is a great opportunity to celebrate the unique talents and skills of people with disabilities in our community.

Currently 34 people with disabilities use the services provided by RehabCare at the resource centre. They are supported to increase their independence and confidence, enabling them to improve their quality of life. This is done through person-centred planning. There are a range of both one-to-one and group activities and programmes provided in the centre  such as art and crafts, drama, horticulture, leisure activities, cookery, independent living skills, sports, dancing, group excursions and many more.

Patricia Davern, Community Services Manager, RehabCare said, “We had a great coffee morning and were delighted that so many people joined us to mark International Day of People with Disabilities. Every day we work with people with different disabilities and we know how unique and amazing they are. Today is their day, where they can show people that having a disability doesn’t mean you can’t still be independent and achieve your goals in life.”

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