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Susan Gets Insight into Daily Life of a TD

30/04/2015 Susan Gets Insight into Daily Life of a TD

Susan Murray, from Dun Laoghaire, got a taste for a life in politics when she spent the day in Dáil Eireann last week with Mary Mitchell O’Connor TD. Susan got the opportunity to see what the day in life of a TD is like thanks to Job Shadow Day which is organised by the Irish Association of Supported Employment. Susan, who uses the services provided by RehabCare in Dun Laoghaire, had a great day in the Dáil, and got to see firsthand what it’s like to be a TD.

Susan said, “I’ve been working in Tesco for 18 years both full and part-time. I learned alot there but now I want to challenge myself to get work in a different area. I really enjoyed my day with Mary Mitchell O’Connor TD. I first met with Deirdre, Mary Mitchell O’Connor’s secretary, she showed me around the office and part of Leinster House.  I visited the Dáil and got to see where all the cabinet members meet and speak. I spent most of the day with Mary. We had a chat and attended a Twitter event that Mary was involved with young people about the importance of social media. Mary introduced me at the event and told the audience that I was shadowing her that day. I got a big round of applause from everyone. There was a lot of information and I found it interesting and informative. This was my favourite part."

"I then got to speak by phone with Jackie, a staff member from Mary’s Constituency Office in Dun Laoghaire, about the difficulties and issues around housing for people with disabilities. I spoke about my own struggles and history of advocating for myself in the past. I found it useful to talk about this as it is so important to me.I also then went for lunch in Leinster House before a photo shoot with Mary in the afternoon.  It was good fun, we got some photos inside Leinster House and then outside too. I said goodbye and headed home very happy. I felt great after the day and it was good work. The TD’s have a very hard job to do and they put so much effort into doing it well, trying to look after everyone.” 

Talking about the future, Susan said: “I’d like to get a job in customer service, or hospitality such as a meet and greet role. I’d also like to work in radio or television, or else a job promoting rights for people with a disability especially in relation to housing and quality of life.”

Susan is well-known in South Dublin as the through her sporting success with D6 Special Olympics Club (swimming and golf), South Dublin Strikers Bowling Club and South Dublin Sports Club Rhythmic Gymnastics.

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